Daesil International Consulting Ltd was initially commissioned in the year 2015. The company started with the simple vision of being an intermediary between teeming students seeking to further their education abroad and various institutions outside the shores of Nigeria.
Over time, the scope of the company broadened from that of a simple study abroad agency to actual partnerships with various Universities.

Daesil Education
A 16th century Adage says “life is a book and those who do not travel only read a singular page of it”. Education must not be limited to that which can be gained in only a formal classroom. The preponderance of a Skill acquisition and Entrepreneurship training cannot be overstated.
Daesil Education is a brainchild of Daesil International Consulting Ltd
Students from Daesil Education have a reputation of being the brightest and most educationally motivated in their respective institutions of higher learning. This is due to the fact that Daesil Education incorporates a system of student-University matching that matches students’ strengths with universities that focus on honing said strengths. Our track record speaks for itself.

Not satisfied with the “study-abroad” program, IES Executives began plotting means by which education, even at its most basic level will catch up with our counterparts abroad. Thus DAESIL EDUCATION was born. Daesil Education has a vision of being the foremost provider of educational Software and Hardware in Nigeria.

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