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Girne American University (GAU)

The Girne American University (GAU) was founded in 1985 as the first private higher education institution in Northern Cyprus and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. The goal of the university since its foundation is to provide a comprehensive Higher Education of American standards for students from different nationalities.

General Information. Location
The university was established by American Educational Consortium – international organization formed to cooperate with educational institutions based on American educational system.
The university is constantly developing and improving and therefore meets the high educational standards determined by the American education system.
The programs of the university are designed to give the students required theoretical and practical knowledge through “learning by doing” method of teaching.

The campuses of the university located in different countries – USA, England, Singapore, Turkey. The main campus is based in Kyrenia, one of the most beautiful places of Cyprus.
The university offers various undergraduate and graduate (Master, PhD) programs, summer language school.
GAU closely cooperates with many international universities, and offers various exchange programs in other countries.
GAU is a unique opportunity to get the American education you have dreamed of in a marvelous location and to learn perfect English.

List of Faculties and courses

Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts — 6.000 € 3.000 €

Architecture (Turkish)
Graphic Design
Interior Architecture
Interior Architecture (Turkish)
Plastic Arts
Visual Art (Painting)

Faculty of Business and Economics — 5.000 € 2.500 €

Banking And Finance
Business Management
Business Management (Turkish)
Management Information Systems
International Business Management Economics

Faculty of Communication — 5.000 € 2.500 €

Journalism And Broadcasting (Turkish)
Digital Marketing And Social Media (Turkish)
Radio, Television And Cinema
Public Relations

Faculty Of Political Science — 4.500 € 2.250 €
International Relations
Political Science And Public Administration

Faculty of Education — 5.000 € 2.500 €
English Language Teaching
Computer and Instructional Technology Teaching
Turkish Language and Literature Teaching (Turkish)
Psychological Counselling and Guidance (Turkish)
Special Education Teaching (Turkish)
Music Education (Turkish)
Early Childhood Education (Turkish)
Primary School Teaching (Turkish)

Faculty of Engineering — 6.000 € 3.000 €
Automotive Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering (Turkish)
Electrical-Electronics Engineering
Electrical-Electronics Engineering (Turkish)
Energy Systems Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Humanities — 5.000 € 2.500 €
American Culture and Literature
Chinese Language and Literature
English Language and Literature
Psychology (Turkish)
Translation and Interpreting (Turkish – English)
Turkish Language and Literature

Faculty of Law — 6.000 € 3.150 €
Common Law
Law (Turkish)

Faculty of Performing Arts — 4.500 € 2.400 €
Performing Arts (Dance)
Drama And Acting (Turkish)

School of Tourism and Hospitality
Tourism and Hospitality Management — 4.500 € 2.250 €
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts — 5.500 € 2.750 €

School of Sports — 5.000 € 2.500 €
Recreation Management
Sports Management
Physical Education And Sports Teaching
Coaching (Turkish)

Marine School — 5.000 € 2.500 €
Logistics And Transportation
Marine Ship Captain And Deck
Marine Ship Machinery Management Engineering
School of Aviation

Civil Aviation Management — 5.000 € 2.500 €
Pilotage — 6.000 € (scholarship is not appicable)

Faculty of Pharmacy — 9.000 € 4.500 €

Faculty Of Medicine — 6.000 € (Scholarship Is Not Applicable)

School Of Nursing — 6.000 €
Midwifery (Turkish)
Nursing (Turkish)

Faculty of Health Science — 6.000 €
Emergency Aid and Disaster Management
Emergency Aid and Disaster Management (Turkish)
Health Care Management
Nutrition and Dietetics
Occupational Therapy

Entry requirements for applicants
For admission to Near East University the following documents are required:

Required Documents For Graduate (Masters and Phd)Program Application
Data Page of International Passport
Degree Statement of Results/Certificate/Transcript
WAEC/NECO/High School Diploma
WAEC/NECO Scratch cards (for result verification)

Required Documents For Undergraduate Program

Data Page of International Passport
WAEC/NECO/High School Diploma
WAEC/NECO Scratch cards (for result verification)

Required Documents For Transfer Students Data Page of International Passport
Transcript of Level of Studies completed
WAEC/NECO/High School Diploma
WAEC/NECO Scratch cards (for result verification)

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